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Be Prepared

Believe it or not, but, I always get stage fright and become extremely nervous when having to speak in front of people. Whether it’s 3 or 23 people, public speaking just isn’t my thing…which sounds weird since I am a ‘Paint and Sip’ host and high school teacher. But anyway, this past Friday I got the opportunity to host two separate ‘Paint and Sip’ sessions in one night. The crowd totaled 50 people altogether, making this the biggest group I’ve hosted; but, this time something was different. I noticed I wasn’t such a nervous wreck as I had been in the past. Reflecting back on previous events I’ve hosted and comparing it to Friday’s event I realized what I had done differently, or shall I say better this time. Prepare! It was my strategic [pre-]planning and preparation that led to a successful execution. And I can’t be more proud of myself! With continuous room for improvement in the aspects of instructing/hosting and painting, I welcome growth and prosperity with open arms as I expand my brand. Always remember “before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” -Alexander Graham Bell

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