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Yes, I’m in love… with HER!

Have you ever looked up the definition of love in the dictionary? Probably not, right. It’s just a word we’ve grown to know and use to express, or at times, exaggerate our feelings… 

According to, the definition(s) of love (n.) is an intense feeling of deep affection, a great interest or pleasure in something, and a person or thing that one loves, likes or enjoys very much.

As you know, I recently vacationed in Paris, also known as the ‘City of Love.’ Of all the questions and comments people could ask or make about my trip, the most frequent ones were about love. “How could you go to the “City of Love” without someone,” “You’re supposed to go with a man. People don’t go to Paris by themselves,” “Did you meet a French guy out there?,” “You know French is the language of love,” “Don’t fall in love out there and not come back.”

Funny thing is I DID fall in love. I fell in love… with the city and its’ landscapes and scenery, their hospitality towards me, the people, the language, the art, the food; but, most importantly I fell in love with MYSELF. This trip really made me appreciate myself a little more, thank myself a little more, uplift myself a little more, and most importantly, LOVE myself a little more. 

As a firm believer of self-care, doing whatever you want, being happy, having fun and living life to the fullest I finally took my own advice. And of everything that has come out of this trip, the biggest lesson I learned was to be in LOVE with yourSELF first and everything else will fall into place at their right moments.

No pressure. One love.

Je t’aime Paris

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Better yet… when was the last time you did something for yourself?!

2 months ago, on 12/23/19, for my 28th birthday, I set out on a solo journey about 3,616 miles away… to Paris, France. I could not be more proud of myself for doing something like this for the first time, better yet… doing something for myself! I stayed conveniently close to the Eiffel Tower just so every time I left the hotel it was in plain sight and just a short walk away. I took pictures from every angle of the Eiffel Tower every single day. And every day it seemed my pictures just got better and better. My trip lasted over 7 days and I enjoyed every minute of it. I took over 1000 pictures (no joke) but even they cannot put into words how amazing my time was spent there. To be honest I really enjoy being alone so traveling by myself was never a second thought or doubt in my mind. I was going to do this!

Of all the pictures I’ve taken some have really stood out to me, specifically the image on this blogpost, and I am in the process of recreating a few into paintings (for sale). I remember running into the middle of street and taking a quick picture before the light changed, not even looking to see if it were a good photo. But when I finally looked, I couldn’t believe how great of a shot I had captured… the emptiness of the street, the stillness of everyone in the background, the perfect positioning and sharpness of the bird, the tower completely centered. Definitely a photographer hard at work here! As I played it live on my iPhone I watched as the bird flew from behind the Eiffel Tower and across the front. It was incredible.

I am so grateful to have experienced this and cannot wait until my next journey. Au revoir, Paris.

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