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Just Dance

A favorite hobby of mine is dancing. I loveeeeee to dance! And I can dance very well, might I add. After work I’d come home sometimes and dance for about an hour. Dancing is my way of not only letting go of the day, but also working out, because the gym just isn’t my thing. This week however, I was able to participate in some online classes with the Alvin Ailey dance studio. The classes I chose were ballet, contemporary dance, West African, hip hop, and Horton’s technique. Definitely amazing and fun! I probably looked crazy jumping around in the house but I didn’t care, I was in my zone. After my ballet class, I was inspired to create this painting, entitled “Dance” with the caption “…if you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.” Taken straight from the lyrics of Lee Ann Womack’s song “I hope you dance,” I felt that it was very fitting for this painting. Like the songs says, dance! Dance like no one’s watching, dance like they are. Just dance.


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