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In Need of Healing…

Currently, the world is undergoing a pandemic–Coronavirus, also referred to as COVID-19. Schools, malls, restaurants, venues all shut down! People are urged to stay home. Everyone is wearing a mask outside. 42nd street is completely vacant. What do we do?! Well, as an artist I did what I know how to do, and that’s paint. I created this painting in the midst of all the chaos and it turned out to be my favorite painting of 2020 so far. Even better, within minutes of me posting it to my social media, it was sold! I entitled it “Mother Healing” with the caption “She is hurting, but she will heal… We always do.” Coincidentally, Earth Day is April 22nd so I picked an appropriate time to create this painting, as it is also a message to do your part and take care of our planet. And I’m going to do my part and create more paintings! I’ll definitely be using the silhouette concept again, incorporating other ideas into it.  

Mother Healing

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